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We are the second generation of Jewelry manufacturers started from the

1980s in New York city.

From the beginning our commitment to our customers was rooted in

integrity, hard work, innovation and pursuing quality merchandise.

During the last 40 years we paved a long road to find and work with

dedicated craftsman, designers and

jewelers to manufacture many thousands of masterpieces.

Our long-term goal as a new generation is to expand our

manufacturing innovation to a higher level.

Our goal is to enhance the beauty as well as maintaining the value of

merchandise you purchase, even at more affordable prices. This is the

main reason why we decided to design a Jewelry line of Lab-Grown

diamonds. Our Lab-Grown diamonds are all certified by GIA OR IGI

organizations, which are recognized

internationally for having the highest standards in certification of


This will allow us to be more affordable as well as more innovative in

creating our designs and make

your proposal be magnificent with high carat engagement rings.

The Rarest Jewelries Story

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